Employment/Volunteer Opportunities

Presently, there are no paid positions available with ASSIST. We are, however, always open to volunteers.

We have need for people in the following volunteer roles:

• Project Manager, Ecuador Program
• Grants Specialist
• Project Assistant
• Researcher

Furthermore, we are welcome to receiving your resume should a position be open in the future. Positions that may need filling include:

• Medical and public health professionals
• Scientists, engineers, and engineering technicians
• Financial specialists
• IT personnel
• Enthusiastic people.

If you would like us to know about your interest in ASSIST, please click here to submit your resume. Please include a cover letter indicating how you would like to help and the skills that you wish to offer.

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  • Rural Canal Provides Water for Agriculture

  • High-altitude Lake during Drought

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  • Rehabilitated Pump Give a Village New Hope

  • Rural Water Source: Plentiful...but Clean?

  • Rehabilitating a Water Tank in Bardera, Somalia