One of the primary goals of ASSIST is to create tomorrow’s leaders in sustainable community development through experiential learning. ASSIST works in partnership with the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (Belize) to provide an educational experience for students and professionals to immerse themselves in self-reliance, learn appropriate technologies, and develop adaptive management skills and an understanding of the barriers that complicate cultural interaction.

This program is supported and facilitated through cooperation relationships that are presently in the process of being developed. These institutions may include:

• Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts)
• Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island)
• Christian Brothers University (Memphis, Tennessee)
• Humboldt State University (Arcata, California)
• Rhode Island College (Providence, Rhode Island)
• Rivier University (Nashua, New Hampshire)
• Saint Anselm’s College (Manchester, New Hampshire)
• University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)
• University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario)
• University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth, Massachusetts)
• University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, Indiana).

This six-week summer program includes a week at one of our northern field sites (New Hampshire or Northern California) followed by an extended period studying sustainability with members of a self-reliant community in Belize. Educational programs occur in May/June and are supplemented by week-long implementation trips in March, September, and December.

Individuals interested in becoming involved with ASSIST’s Belize educational program should send an email expressing the reason why you are interested in participating in the Belize program, when you would like to go, and your academic and professional goals and accomplishments. Scholarships are available although there no guarantee of financial assistance.

If you wish to provide financial support or contribute in another manner to ASSIST’s Belize program, please click here.

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