Future Programs

ASSIST currently has several programs in various stages of planning. These include programs in:

  • Georgia — Operational this year
  • Kenya — Target 2014
  • Macedonia — Target 2015
  • Ghana — Target 2015
  • Cambodia — Target 2016
  • Papua New Guinea — Target 2016

We’ll keep you informed as development of each of these programs progresses. Be sure to check back often!

If you wish to provide financial support or contribute in another manner to any of ASSIST’s future programs, please click here and specify to which program(s) you would like to contribute.


  • Children Collecting Water Using Buckets and Pales

  • Rural Canal Provides Water for Agriculture

  • High-altitude Lake during Drought

  • Aquaculture Facility in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

  • Rehabilitated Pump Give a Village New Hope

  • Rural Water Source: Plentiful...but Clean?

  • Rehabilitating a Water Tank in Bardera, Somalia